Ways to Love the Hub

We've created a list of ways you can
love the hub as an individual, family, or group!

This list is just some ideas, so if you have other
ideas, go for it!

Project Sign Up

for service opportunities.


1. What is LOVE THE HUB DAY?

LTH Day is all about Loving God and Loving People WHILE Serving Both. Join us for one church service at 9 am (dressed ready to go out and serve) for worship and preaching on Sunday, October 29th. Afterwards we will dismiss to go out and serve at various projects both on and off campus in our community from 10 am – 12 pm.

2. How can I serve on October 29th?

Check with your Adult Bible Fellowship class. Each Adult BF class has selected a project/service opportunity they will serve at together. Contact your class director for more info.


Get together with your family and/or friends and decide on a project to serve at together. Use the “Ways You Can Love The Hub” document for some ideas on how to serve in your neighborhood or community.


Beginning on October 1st, visit the grand foyer on Sunday mornings for additional opportunities. **Space is limited on these projects

3. What if I’m new or a first-time guest? Can I participate?

ABSOLUTELY! We will have opportunities available for first time guests to jump in and serve with us on October 29th.

4. Are there Bible Fellowship classes (Sunday School) on October 29th?

No, there will NOT be BF classes on October 29th. All 1st – 12th graders and adults participate in worship at 9:00am.

5. Will childcare be available on October 29th?

Childcare will be available for 8 weeks old - kindergarten at 9 am ONLY during our worship service. There will NOT be childcare from 10 am – 12 pm while service projects are taking place.

6. I have young kids, do I serve with my Bible Fellowship class or with my family somewhere else?

The choice is yours! While we encourage our parents to bring their kids with them to their BF class project there are additional opportunities on campus for families with young children (preschool – 3rd grade)  OR  Families can also choose to serve on their own/with other families from a project listed on our “Ways You Can Love The Hub” document.
**Space will be limited for on campus projects
** Children 4th grade and up are encouraged to serve with their parents

7. Is Next Gen’s 5th Sunday Serve still happening on October 29th?

There are NOT two different events taking place on October 29th. Only LOVE THE HUB DAY. However, LTH Day will involve some of the projects typically done at 5th Sunday Serve. Families with kids birth – 3rd grade can choose to sign up for these in the grand foyer on Sundays beginning Oct. 1. ** Space is limited. If you have a 4th grader or older we encourage parents to take their child with them to serve with their Bible Fellowship class.

8. Should I wear my LOVE THE HUB red t-shirt? Will they be available to purchase before October 29th?

Yes, wear them if you have them! Shirts will be available for purchase ($10 each) in the grand foyer on Sundays beginning October 1st or the main office during the work week.

9. Is there transportation provided?

No, each family or class will be responsible for their own transportation.